U.S. Pat. No. 10,929,873 was issued on 02/23/2021 by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office for the Power Buy System.

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MassGenie Affiliate Program

Wishing to monetize that awesome content you have been producing but do not know where or how to start?

Consider your wish granted!

MassGenie Affiliates (we love calling them Playmakers) are powerful online players who gather their subscribers to become Buyers at MassGenie, brokering successful Power Deals. If you are a successful (or just starting) content producer who write blogs on food, fashion and gadgets, do tutorials on Youtube or Vimeo, make lifehacks on the thousand uses of hair spray, and a nose for the perfect deal – you are a potential Playmaker.

What do MassGenie Playmakers get?

  • Commissions from every shipped Buy Now sale
  • Commissions from every successful item committed in a Power Deal
  • 15 day Cookie Period
  • Frequent Power Deals
  • Promotions, Sales, Closeouts and more
  • Wide selection of items and deals
  • Up-to-date newsletters
  • Support from a dedicated Affiliate team.

Intrigued yet? The whole registration and application process is pretty simple. Although we curate all affiliate applications, we are drawn to those who are unique and aim to be up-and-coming influencers. No affiliate marketing experience? No worries! We have a team of eCommerce professionals who will support and advise you on which Power Deals will be successful and allow you to earn affiliate payout from these transactions. This frees you to continue producing quality content enjoyed by your readers, viewers & followers.

Do you have questions or suggestions on the program? Reach out to us at affiliate@massgenie.com. We would love to hear from you.

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