U.S. Pat. No. 10,929,873 was issued on 02/23/2021 by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office for the Power Buy System.

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How to Power Buy

The best part of the shopping experience at MassGenie is getting to create and join Power Deals. Power Deals are short-time offers of items that may be deeply discounted and are usually of limited availability. As a buyer on MassGenie, you get two perks: creating a Power Deal or joining a Power Deal for the items you want.

New to MassGenie? Here’s a quick guide to creating a Power Deal.

  1. Look for the items you want by using the search bar at the top of the MassGenie homepage. You can also browse through Power Deals trending now and ending soon.  Once you find the item you’re interested in, click the item image to go to the item detail page.

  2. Check the 'Buy via Power Deal' section on the item detail page, which contains details of the Power Deal you can create. In days and hours, specify the duration you want for your new Power Deal, as well as the quantity you're committing to order.

  3. Click the 'Power Buy' button once you're satisfied with the details of your new Power Deal.

  4. Fill out the shipping and payment information needed to submit your Power Deal. Make sure to tick the checkbox to indicate your agreement to MassGenie's Power Deal Terms and Conditions.

  5. Now that you've submitted your Power Deal, spread the news about it so that other buyers can join and drive down prices even more!

Once you have a valid address and payment method saved to your MassGenie account, you can start using the ‘Quick Power Buy’ feature, so you can set up Power Deals in a couple of clicks.

As a MassGenie buyer, you can also join Power Deals. All you have to do is specify the quantity you’re committing to and click the ‘Power Buy’ button. You’ll also be asked to provide your shipping and payment information and agree to the Power Deal Terms and Conditions.